550 Years-Old Mummy Which Is Still Alive In A Village Of Himachal

Nestled at an altitude of ten thousand feet and due to the 500 year old mummy, the attraction of the village of Giyu draws tourists here. By the way, mummy is said to be the one in which after the person’s death, his body is kept with a paste. But this mummy is strange because it is still considered alive. So because his nails and hair are growing even today. This mummy is of a Buddhist lama who tells that he gave up his life at the age of 45, while doing austerity, there is
a special thing that this mummy is in a sitting state while the rest of the mummies in the world are lying down.

This village remains cut off from the rest of the world due to snow 6 to eight months a year. At the same time, the location of this village is such that this place where Mami is currently located, it is just 2 kilometers away from Tibet. According to the villagers, this mummy was first kept in the village itself and was installed in a stupa, but when the earthquake occurred in 1974, it was buried somewhere. Then in 1995, ITBP jawans got this mummy while making the road. It is said that at that time the mummy in the head of the mummy and after the hoe was planted, blood also came out of Mami’s head, whose mark is still present today. After this, Mummy remained in the ITBP campus till 2009. Later, the villagers saw the crowd of tourists here at ITBP, so they fought and brought this mummy to the village and installed it at a place one kilometer above the village. This mummy also has hair. It was investigated after mummies in which scientists told that these 545 years Is old. But how this mummy is in this state is a matter of surprise, even after so many years without any coating and being buried in the ground.

It is said that this mummy belongs to Buddhist monk Sangha Tenzin who came to India from Tibet and here, who once sat in the meditation did not rise again. It is also reported that Buddhists have a tradition of making mummies of gurus in Himachal and two such mummies are in Himachal, one of which is of the Guru of the Dalai Lama in McLodganj and the other of Guru Amatin at the Tanog Buddhist Monastery in Baijnath, Kangra. Mummy. However, such news came in which it was claimed that now Mami’s hair is falling and nails have stopped growing. Even then, the scientists investigated it and told that the cells died but they could not answer till today how this mummy remained safe even inside the soil and how its nails and hair are growing even today. It remained a mystery.

It is said that at the time of the excavation, the spade on the head of this mummy had come out of the blood, the mark of which is still present.

This fresh mark on Mummy can be seen even today. Till 2009, this mummy remained in the ITBP campus. But later the villagers brought this mummy to the village and installed it and a glass cabin was built to keep it, so that it can be safe and people can see it easily and so that there is no harm to this heritage mummy. 

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