56% Employees Want Both Work From Home & Office For Being Happy (Survey Results)

The US-based digital solutions company Avaya has recently released a survey report on how the happiness levels of employees and consumers have changed during the year long pandemic, along with how organizations affect these two parties (customers and employees).

Some key findings of the survey depict that about 56% of the 10,000 consumers and workers from a variety of markets around the world want a hybrid work model in their offices, while 76% consumers cited the view of expecting customer service agents to do everything possible to make them happy.

Trak.in has covered a similar survey report showing that about 48% employees in the US want a hybrid work model, failing which they would rather switch jobs.

Here are all the results of the survey.

56% Respondents Want Hybrid Model

With the coronavirus pandemic completely disrupting the in-office work model, a recent survey by Avaya, called “Life and Work Beyond 2020: The Change Makers” have examined the fluctuations in attitudes and feelings towards home and work life over the past year.

The “Life and Work Beyond 2020: The Change Makers” survey has traced a significant happiness gap, with only 27% of respondents saying they were happier in 2020 and 43% saying they were less happy.

The survey also reveals that organizations have the power to increase well-being, with 56% saying hybrid work has the potential to improve their well-being and 79% saying that when engaging with an organization’s contact center, they expect agents to do everything possible to make them happy.

The survey also highlights that organization play a major role in affecting the well-being of employers and service providers.

Survey Highlights

The survey was conducted by Avaya in November 2020 and includes views from about 10,000 consumers and workers in a variety of markets around the world, including Austria, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, UAE, the UK and the U.S.

As per the survey, the top sources of reduced happiness in 2020 were:

  • COVID-19 pandemic contributing 82%
  • Reduced in-person contact contributing 68%
  • Financial woes: 64%.

Among the 27% respondents who felt happier in 2020, the reasons included:

  • Flexibility in work: 62%
  • Managers trusting their workers contributed to increase in happiness by 57%

More employees are demanding a more flexible work model, like hybride model because:

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