Alcoholic Drinks That Benefits Your Body This Way…

Drinking alcohol is a fact that does not have a very good effect on health. But this is all human tendency to take it to extremes and enjoy alcoholic beverages. In fact, this alcohol that is considered bad for heath is actually good for you. If taken in the right way. Among the different types of alcohol, here are the most common ones that can bring benefits to our body.

The main secret here is that the amount drunk does not overlap the benefits of its quality. And if you really set your sights on getting vitamins even while relaxing in a bar, you should know which drinks you need to opt for.


Oddly enough, this hard alcohol is the leader in the number of nutrients and health benefits of all types of spirits. In addition, it has fewer calories for example, vodka, can be a plus for those who are worried about their weight. The main secret is that tequila is made from agave, which contains sugars that do not raise blood glucose levels. This means that you will not feel sharp bouts of hunger as you drink and increase your cholesterol levels.

Red wine

The red wine is always called among the first when it comes to benefits for the body. However, it is slightly inferior to tequila in the level of “bad” sugar, although it has many other advantages. For example, the active compounds in red wine (polyphenols, resveratrol and quercetin) improve cardiovascular health. In addition, research from the University of Massachusetts has shown that red wine helps slow the process of glucose entering the bloodstream, preventing insulin from rising sharply and provoking the unwanted effects associated with diabetes.


Rum is not a popular drink among students and knowledge worker. This drink has been shown in several studies as it enhance cognitive performance. In addition, rum is able to tidy up the nervous system and reduce anxiety in the moment. This does not mean that you need to drink it as a sedative, but it is worth considering if in a state of excitement you are looking for something to drink.


One serving of whiskey contains as many antioxidants as a glass of good red wine. Therefore, they can easily be treated for colds or prevent this kind of disease.The drink also contains ellagic acid. This substance helps to destroy mutated cells in the body, that is, to fight the development of cancer.

Rose wine

This type of wine has absorbed all the best qualities in terms of disease prevention from both red and white. Polyphenols, which are abundant in this drink, prevent atherosclerosis. And, as you know, it is this problem that is the main cause of all cardiovascular diseases.


If you’ve been complaining about the quality of your memory lately, champagne can come to rescue you. It significantly raises the tone of the neurons responsible for this part of cognitive functions. In addition, champagne can have a positive effect on skin health. Not that it should be taken as a remedy for wrinkles, but it is always nice to know that alcohol is not only a pleasure but also a benefit when properly chosen and dosed.

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