Amazon Flex Expands Earning Opportunity In 35 Cities

Amazon is one of the favorite websites for many people. As it provides a wide range of options for its every customer. And now expanding its horizons Amazon is offering people the opportunity to earn by working part-time. Although the earning opportunity started last year in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi where people have the opportunity to earn up to Rs 120-140 per hour in your free time. But now, Amazon India has announced the expansion of the Amazon Flex delivery program in more than 35 cities in the country. This global delivery program was launched in June 2019 and aims to create part-time work opportunities where people become their own bosses, create their own schedules, and deliver packages to Amazon customers at Rs 120 to 140 per hour.

Earlier the program was limited to 3 cities in June 2019, but now the services have reached 35 cities in June 2020. This expansion has created thousands of part-time work opportunities for people in metro cities and non-metro cities. Since the customers across the country seek a safe supply of products at home. They usually staying indoors and preferring online delivery in this pandemic period. Therefore in such a situation Amazon Flex program has further increased the company’s delivery capacity. Since its launch, the program has created opportunities for students, housewives, and people who want to increase their income by delivering Amazon packages in their spare time. People who are interested to do this work can sign up can visit for more information.

Prakash Rochlani, director of Last Mile Transportation of Amazon India, said that last year, we have received an excellent response to the Amazon Flex program from thousands of people. As they got benefit from delivery by Amazon customers. Since the country is still recovering from the pandemic Amazon flex partners are earning part-time in their spare time.

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