COVID-19 Tracker: Corona Tracker is not installed on your phone

According to a widely circulated message on WhatsApp, the Kovid-19 Coronavirus (Social Media) sensor has been installed on every Android and iPhone device.

Many are forwarding a message on WhatsApp and social media platforms claiming that a COVID-19 exposure sensor has been quietly “inserted into every phone. The message is actually the COVID-19 contact tracing system that Apple and Google combined Speaking of being made to enable risk notification on both Android and iPhone devices. However, this does not mean that a tracker has been installed to track your location or any other details. (COVID -19 TRACKER) (COVID-19 TRACKER App)

According to a widely circulated message on WhatsApp, the Kovid-19 coronavirus (Social Media) sensor has been installed on every Android and iPhone device. The message states that it becomes functional after Bluetooth is turned on. You will also get similar messages on platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

The message is especially a half-truth as both Apple and Google are working on a COVID-19 contact tracing solution, an app not installed on your smartphone without your permission. The claim that the app has been downloaded to your device is false, as highlighted by the UK fact-checking organization Full Fact.

In fact the introduction of a new service in the Google Settings menu on Android devices is for “COVID-19 exposure notifications”. However, upon tapping that service, you will find that Google has not silently installed any new app on your phone. In fact, you will need a participant app to turn on the newly available COVID-19 exposure notifications. There are various governments that have created or are creating participating apps using the new exposure notification system, although the Indian government is not part of that group.

Apple last month added the COVID-19 exposure logging option to iOS 13.5 as is the case with similar iPhones, but it also does not mean that an app or service is silently installed on your device. You cannot enable COVID-19 exposure notifications unless you have the app specifically installed on your phone.

The UK ate a native COVID-19 tracing app to use the Google-Apple model.
Originally, Apple and Google provided a base framework on iOS and Android to enable COVID-19 exposure notifications, although the framework Sucks with an app in itself.

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