Driver Used Sanitizer While Smoking Cigarette, Whole Car Bursts Into Fire

Alcoholic sanitizer caused a car accident that no one can imagine. According to the New York Post , a hand sanitizer in a car caught fire on Thursday. This news is from Maryland of America.

How did the fire start?
According to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, the fire occurred while using the hand sanitizer in the car. At this time the man was also smoking together, due to which the car caught fire. The incident occurred around 5:30 pm.

This video of accident also came out. In this, this car of the middle road is seen burning. The man driving the car was immediately ejected from the burning car and rushed to the hospital. Where his treatment is currently going on. Let me tell you that the sanitizer contains ethanol or isopropanol which is flammable.

Accidents have already happened in the past
This is not the first time that such an accident has happened. Earlier, a woman in Texas had a sanitizer applied to her skin and she was lighting a candle. She also caught a fire in her hand.

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