Indian Railway: How to get lower berth in reservation, know how to book tickets

New Delhi, Sept 16, During the railway ticket reservation, you enter the lower berth according to your convenience, but when the reservation comes after getting confirmed, it is known that your seat is in the middle or upper berth.

Sometimes this happens with senior citizens as well. At the time of booking train tickets, you choose the option of lower berth, but after reservation, they are not able to get the lower seat, now the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has given rules regarding this.

In fact, recently IRCTC had informed about the rules of lower berth booking in a tweet. According to this tweet, the lower berth quota for senior citizens traveling is only if that person is 60 years or more, while for women, this age limit is 45 years or more. Lower berth quota for senior citizens works only when traveling alone or with two senior citizens. This means that if there is a senior citizen of two or more age or only one senior citizen and a normal citizen with him, then they will not be kept in the lower berth quota.

Meaning if you want a lower seat, then take special care of these things while booking the ticket. That is, when a senior citizen who is more than 60 years and in the case of a woman is more than 45 years, he will get the quota of lower berth only if he is traveling alone. At the same time, the railways has also abolished the exemption given to senior citizens in train fares after the Corona epidemic.

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