Interesting Reason Why The Women’s Shirt Buttons Are On The Left And Men’s On The Right

Have you ever wondered why the shirt button of men are on the right and women on the leftIf not then here’s something for you to know.

Gone are the days when only men were supposed to wear jeans, shirts, and pants. Today we can notice many women wearing western outfits whether is casual or official. There were times when women were just restricted to Sari and Kurta. But now they are free to wear anything. The big reason behind this is changing time that has brought the dressing of a woman to such level.

Now both the woman and man are seen wearing pants and shirt. But one thing that makes us wonder is that why the men’s shirt button is on the right while the woman’s button on the left. So if you are among those who want to know the reason behind it . Here’s something to add to your knowledge.

Scroll down to know these interesting theories behind this:

One of an old theory say that the buttons were there on the right so that men could easily take out the weapon in case of any fight or war. Where as the buttons of the woman were on the left so that the air could easily pass on through the shirt, as they used to ride horses.

Now the next theory says that in the ancient times the higher class men had their buttons of the right while women had their shirt buttons on the left. This trend attracted many and then from there on the trend started.

The third reason is a story of Nepolean. It was said that the woman used to make fun of Nepolean dressing sense. So then he ordered that the ladies will have the buttons to the left. And the trend is been followed even today.

No matter what the real reason is behind all these theories but the good thing is that our society has started treating women equally at some point. However so many things are still needed to eradicate the gender differences.

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