Jobs In 2021: 89% Indian Companies Want To Hire Employees In 2021; 35% Firms Already Started Recruiting!

The Indian employment website has released a survey report, a second of its kind on Thursday.

The survey, which includes participation of 1300 recruiters from across the country, shows that 11% of the participants agree to have frozen hiring at their organizations/firms, while about 35% recruiters inform that hiring is happening at usual pace.

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Current Survey Report, 2nd of its Kind

The employment website has released a survey report on Thursday, which includes 1300 recruiters’ views on hiring trends in India, amidst the pandemic situation.

It is to be noted that while this survey was conducted in October 2020, the first survey of similar nature, i.e. the ‘recruiters’ survey’ was conducted in April 2020.

The current survey report is the second of its kind.

The major highlight of the current survey is the fact that organisations have lifted the freeze on hiring, all set to jump back on engaging into employing new recruits.

A lot of interesting details have been brought into light via this second wave of survey, with relatable and comparative studies and conclusions drawn between the two surveys.’s Survey Report Highlights

  • 11% recruiters still believe in freezing the hiring processes in their respective organizations, while this figure was almost half in the April 2020 survey.
  • 35% recruiters concur conducting hiring at usual pace, as opposed to 13% of them who confirmed the same in the previous session (Apr 2020) of the survey.
  • About recruiters deferring joining of newly recruited employees, only 12% have agreed to do this in the 2nd wave of the survey, while in the 1st wave, about 44% of them had confirmed to have deferred joining.

Commenting on their anticipations of hiring to go back to pre-Covid levels, here is recruiters believe:

  • 21% recruiters believe it to resume in 3 months,
  • 26% anticipate it to resume between 3-6 months, while
  • As much as 34% recruiters believe this level to be reached in a period of 6-12 months’s time.

Speaking about giving increments to existing employees in the 2nd wave of survey, the recruiters’ trends are as stated

  • 32% have confirm rolling out increments in this wave of survey,
  • Another 34% recruiters confirm to provide increments in the coming months,
  • 38% recruiters have informed offering increments from 5-10%, while
  • Only 1/5th of these recruiters have decided to roll out 15-20% increments to their employees.

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