No matter how old the burn mark is, remove it with these easy methods

Many times there is a mark of childhood burn or if there has been a mark on the skin for some reason recently, then somewhere it bothers us a little. When we get a mark on the feet, we feel very strange to wear short clothes because everyone’s attention goes to that mark and everyone starts asking about that mark but there is no such thing to worry because instead of taking expensive treatment, If small home remedies are done regularly, these marks can be easily removed or lightened. We just have to take care of their methods while using them so that there is no further damage to the skin.
You can easily remove the burn marks with the potato potato remedy. The burn marks on your skin will get lighter as you use it. Potato proves to be extremely effective in removing dead skin. Antioxidants are found in potatoes, which prevent the growth of bacteria, so you can heal the scar with its help there. For this, rub the potato peel on the scar area every day.

Fenugreek seeds
There is a mucus in the center of the fenugreek, which is a kind of sticky substance. Grinding the fenugreek seeds and applying it on the burnt area starts eradicating the stains. Many carotenoids are also found in fenugreek, which is a type of antioxidant. It helps in eradicating the scars of burns or bruises along with healing of skin wounds, so apply this paste of fenugreek powder on your hands daily with light hands.

Lemon and tomato
juice proves to be very beneficial to remove the burn marks. Lemon contains alpha hydroxy acid which can also help you in eradicating the old scars of burns. First clean the affected area thoroughly with water, then use this juice. Now soak a cloth in the juice and keep the cloth on the affected area for 10-15 minutes. Gradually the scar will start to heal.

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