Sexiest Girls Body Parts That Attract Men The Most

My boyfriend often allures his heart by flirting me as a SEXY. Though he is my boyfriend, he cannot but allure to my neck, breasts, hip and thigh. Truth be told, I enjoy his madness about my figure and body parts that attract him and feel proud of my assets’’.

Hey Girls! Do you know where do guys look in a girl’s body? Be it your boyfriend or a passer-by. I know, you must have questions in your mind right now ‘– especially where—‘ the naught boys look on or at your body. Which of your body part attracts them most?

The Two Angles Team has conducted a survey where asked about 100 young university boys that- where do they look at a girl’s body and what attract them most? Gathering all the data in one place, we found top 8 body parts those are sexually appealing and attractive to them.

Girls’ Body Parts that Attract the Boys Most (In %)

We are presenting the data according to our findings in the survey. In the survey, we divided and marked 10 on each of the girl’s body part. Then, we have calculated the average score of each part that the boys find most attractive and sexually appealing in a girl’s body.

Number 8: Legs (4%)

The boys have spent average 4 per cent time when they look at a girl. Some boys find the legs more attractive than other body parts where some boys don’t even look at the girl’s feet. However, among other colors, white attracts men most.

Number 7: Hair (7%)

Oh girl, It’s Your Hair! That’s why Audrey Hepburn said-

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair.

Yes, hair is one of the most attractive parts of a girl’s body. Some boys find hair is the most and only attractive part of a girl’s body. Some think the girls look amazing in long black-shiny hair, where some opined that girls with medium hair look gorgeous. When they look at a girl, they spent only 7 percent of their time to look at her hair.

Number 6: Lips (7%)

Judy Garland once said

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

Lips are the hottest and most sexually appealing parts of a girl’s body, according to a decent number of boys who participated in the survey. The boys think, the lips catch most of their attention when ‘they are’ decorated and glossy. Most boys like fuller and plumper looking lips, when some like it slim and dry. Even, guys like long lips because it can grab them more when they are in kissing each other.

Number 5: Smile (7%)

A sweet smile can kill a million hearts. This is so true for the guys in the survey. Some boys even fell in love after seeing strong, heart-agonizing smile. So, Smilescored equal marks as lips that is probably for both smile and lips come together to kill the boy’s heart.

Number 4: Eyes (8%)

Most of the times, the girls use only their eyes to hunt boys. It’s true that beautiful eyes attract the boys most. There are several surveys found that the eyes are the number one shocker. A boy can easily be incinerated by a sexy glance. Even Cosmopolitan has conducted a survey where the men voted the eyes on top denying breasts, hips, stomach, and other sexiest part of a girl’s body.

Number 3: Waist and Abs (10%)

The men like curved and fit stomached women than flabby one. Almost every boy in the survey told that waist and a slim fit abs turn their head down and switch their heart on. They find girl’s stomach is the sexiest part that magnetizes them and fuses their heart.

Number 2: Butt (25%)

Girls, you know the unbelievable popularity of Anaconda song by Nicki Minaj. There is no question that a display of sexy butt fascinates the boys more than any other body parts. Some guys think, Butt is the most appealing and sexually striking part than the Breasts. Most of the boys included that they love to enjoy the gambol of the buttocks of a girl, and they don’t even think of the complete appearance of her body but the hips.

Number 1: Breasts (28%)

Breasts are the greatest assets for women like the penis to a man. Beautiful breasts drive the men of all ages with a wild desire and fantasy. Almost hundred percent boys in the survey answered that their eyes stuck in one place; the Breasts. So, the men used to give the longer look nowhere but in the breasts of a girl.

The rest 4% survey answers go for belly (2.5%) ,height (1%) and toes (.5%) that attract guys most.

Girls, read and keep the points in concern where do guys look in a girl’s body. Feeling naughty!! Yes, go and make insane your man or if you don’t, raise a storm in the guys look at you.

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