TikTok was spying on millions of users for years, after an update from Apple, open poll

Chinese app Ticketcock is again in controversy. There has always been a ruckus about privacy with Tittock. Something similar has happened this time too. Ticktock was reading the clipboard of all iPhone users even though he did not need it.

Actually Apple recently released beta version of iOS 14. After the iOS 14 update, TicketLock read all types of content copied to the iPhone. For example, if you have copied a message, then it was automatically being pasted into TickTalk.

It has been spied on in a way, though now Ticketock has stopped reading the clipboard. Please tell that if you copy anything in your phone, it is saved in the clipboard itself. Ever since iOS 14 was released, TicTalk read content copied by iPhone users. With iOS 14, Apple had also released a security patch, which exposed Ticketock’s poll. Otherwise, no one was aware of this. Apple had a feature with security patches that told which apps in the phone are reading the content of the clipboard.

Ticketlock has now updated its new version on Apple’s app store, after which Ticketock is no longer reading the clipboard. Apart from Ticketock, apps like AccuWeather, Call of Duty Mobile and Google News are also reading the clipboard.

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