You can get 1TB of data on Reliance JioFiber for less than ₹250

Reliance JioFiber has a new Data Sachet that can get you 1TB of data for ₹250 only. You can buy this as a top up once your data plan is over.

JioFiber, the broadband arm of Reliance Jio, has some pretty popular offerings for its users including ones that come with plenty of data. And it also has additional top-up features that allow you to access more internet without having to really pay a lot of money more. One of these offers is that you can get 1,000GB (1TB) of data on JioFiber for ₹250 only. But there are some things you should know about this 1TB data on offer. We’ve explained it all below.

JioFiber offers users 1TB of data for ₹199 only, exclusive of taxes. This 1TB data is available for use for seven days only. On this users get 100 Mbps speed after they have consumed the FUP (fair usage policy) data. After FUP is crossed, the speeds come down to 1 Mbps. There is also free voice calling on offer with this plan which is also valid for seven days. Adding all taxes, you end up paying around ₹234.82 for this offer.

Now, the important thing. This 1TB data offer is a “Data Sachet”. As a JioFiber user, you can buy this once you have used up all the FUP data offered by JioFiber’s other plans. However, JioFiber offers 3.3TB of data to all users with almost all of its plans so it is highly unlikely that you will finish that off and require more, under normal use. Just to make it clear, even if you are online all day and stream Netflix or Prime Video at night, 3.3TB of data is more than enough.

But if you have multiple users at home who use the internet voraciously, it is possible that you might hit the FUP limit and therefore need some additional data. This 1TB offer is also a great top-up for the end of the month when you are close to renewing your subscription but have hit your FUP limit. This one TB data sachet can be applied on top of pretty much any JioFiber broadband plan. Also, it’s important to note that if you have any unutilised data at the end of that seven-day period when this 1TB data sachet expires, that’s going to go away. You cannot add it to the next month’s data plan.

Other internet service providers (ISP) like Airtel or BSNL have no such plan for their users. So if you hit your FUP limit on these connections, you can’t get a top-up sachet.

JioFiber has some pretty good plans on offer, if you are not sure about making the switch you can take on one of their trial plans. There are two Reliance JioFiber trial plans on offer, one comes for ₹1,500 and the other is for ₹2,500. Both the plans offer 150 Mbps speed. The ₹2,500 plan comes with some OTT benefits while the ₹1,500 plan does not.


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