Indian Railways Rules: Big news! Know these updated rules of railways otherwise there will be problem, know the rules immediately

Indian Railways Rules: Most of the passengers traveling in the train are unaware of many railway rules. In such a situation, many times the passengers have to face difficulties without any fault. Let us tell you about some such rules of railways which can benefit you.

New Delhi : All the passengers traveling in the train should have complete information about the railway rules related to travel. But most people ignore the knowledge of the rules and inadvertently do their own harm. Indian Railways has made some rules for the convenience of the passengers. Knowing this, the passengers will be saved from many such difficulties, which they must have had to deal with during the previous journeys.

TTE can check tickets in stipulated time only

During the train journey, the ticket is checked only. But for this also the railway has made a rule. Under this rule of Railways, TTE can check your ticket within the stipulated time. That is, TTE cannot harass you for tickets again and again. During ticket checking, most of the passengers show the tick to the TTE without questioning. But, there is no need to do this after 10 pm.

TTE cannot disturb the passenger

Here it is important for you to know that TTE cannot check your ticket after 10 pm. According to the Railway Rule Book, the ticket checking time is only between 6 in the morning and 10 in the night. Railways have made this rule for the convenience of the passengers. So that during the night the passengers can take a comfortable journey with good sleep. Passengers can also raise objections if TTEs violate this rule.

Tickets of these passengers can be checked only after 10 pm

This rule does not apply to those passengers whose journey is starting after 10 pm. According to the Railway Board, the tickets of the passengers who start the journey after 10 pm can be checked by TTE after 10 pm. That is, if you sit in the train to travel after 10 pm, then TTE will definitely check your ticket and ID.

You can also travel with platform ticket

Even if you have not taken a train ticket and have a platform ticket, you can still travel by any train. You have to go to TTE with platform ticket. The ticket checker on the platform ticket will generate your ticket by charging you for the entire journey. In such a situation, if there is a need for sudden travel, you can travel by train on a platform ticket. In such a situation, even if you do not get a reserve seat, but no one can stop you from traveling in the train.

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