Italy Is Selling Beautiful Corona Free Houses In Just ’75 Rupees’

Almost all countries of the world are suffering from coronavirus. Talking about Italy, this country has suffered the most outbreak of the pandemic. Thousands of people lost their lives due to this virus. However, there is also a village in Italy where there is not a single patient of Corona, according to CNN. You must be aware that a house in the village of Hai SinkufondiItaly, is being sold for just $1. Usually, people think twice to buy houses in this era of inflation. In such a situation, everyone is surprised to see the houses being sold in this village at this cheap price.

Now you must be thinking that there will definitely be a useless village, due to which houses are being sold at a cheaper price. but it’s not like that. The village is very beautiful to see. Rather, thousands of tourists also visit this village every year.

Actually, there is some other reason behind selling house at cheap prices here. It is a matter of fact that the Mayor of this area, Michela Konia wants to increase the population of his village. To encourage people to buy houses in the village, the price of houses here has been kept at just one dollar.

Condition to buy house

You will get the house at cheap prices, but there are also some conditions which you must compulsorily follow. For example:

  • A person buying a house will have to get insurance of Rs 280 every year.
  • The buyer will be responsible for keeping the house clean, painted and repaired.
  • It is mandatory to get all these works done every three years.
  • If you do not repair and furnish the house every three years, then you will be fined $22000 i.e. about 16,43,943 rupees.

The beauty of the village is appreciated a lot. There is also a beach, which is ten kilometers away from here. There are also greenery, mountains and natural views all around the village. The people of the village are also very fond of colors. In aforementioned picture, one has painted his stairs in a very colorful way.

An annual festival sees locals dress in unusual bell-shaped bundles of branches.

The people of the village also celebrate a lot of festivals here every year. In the above picture, these people roam the streets of the village with green bushes on their heads. This is the reason why tourists keep coming to this village. In such a situation, buying a house in this village for just 75 rupees is not a bad deal.

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