Local Banned For General Public Till May 15 As Lockdown Extended; E-Pass Needed For Inter-City Travel

Maharashtra’s lockdown-like restrictions will be extended until May 15, according to State Health Minister Rajesh Tope. The state has been under strict restrictions since April 21 in order to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

This means that all the restrictions on Mumbai Local will continue till May 15th: General public is banned, and only essential workers will be allowed.

Lockdown Restrictions To Be Extended

According to the Free Press Journal, the decision to prolong the lockdown was made at a State Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Following the meeting, Tope told reporters that all ministers in the government suggested the lockdown-like curbs should be extended for another fortnight.

“It (the lockdown) will be extended by 15 days,” news agency PTI quoted Tope as saying.

Private offices, non-essential stores, and restaurants are required to remain fully closed under the new restrictions. Important shops and service providers, such as groceries, fish, poultry, vegetable, fruits, meat, and egg vendors, are permitted to operate between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., while government offices operate at 15% capacity only.

A senior official said the state was taking stock of new cases daily and curbs will not be lifted in one go, but gradually. “Relaxation cannot start unless new cases come to below 35,000-40,000 for few days,” he said. Another official said the state will carry on vaccination to cover maximum people during lockdown curbs. “Both measures, restrictions and vaccination, may help control infections in few days,” added an official

Free COVID-19 vaccination

Apart from extending the curbs, the Maharashtra Cabinet announced on April 28 that the state government would provide free COVID-19 vaccine to all people aged 18 to 44.

All adults in the country are eligible for the anti-COVID vaccinations, which will begin on May 1. However, many states, including Maharashtra, have declared a supply shortage.

“We have all the infrastructure to conduct vaccination but we don’t have vaccines in adequate quantity. The CM is talking to different vaccine manufacturers. There will be separate centres for vaccination of those between 18-44 years of age,” Tope said.

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