Sexual violence sees no gender,16-year-old boy raped for a year

To those who think sexual violence is restricted to the female gender only, we have some news: you couldn’t be more wrong. It can happen to anyone–even men. Recently, reports of a 16-year-old Bombay boy getting raped by 15 teens for over a year hit the headlines and shocked the whole country.

According to a report published in the Indian Express, the boy was first raped in 2016 by a friend who lived next door. He also shot a video of the attack on his phone and showed it to his other friends. The accused then started threatening the victim and forced him to have sex with them too. The 15 boys allegedly raped him on four other occasions–the last of which was two weeks ago.

Also, one of the accused forced the victim to pay Rs 1,100 to eat at a restaurant. When he refused, the gang took him to a playground outside a municipal school and gang raped him.

The victim also revealed that he was physically assaulted when he tried to resist. On Monday, he complained of severe pain and confided in his friend about his year-long ordeal. The friend in turn asked help from another acquaintance, who took him to the police station.  

A medical examination confirmed the sexual assault and the accused were booked for unnatural sex and common intention under the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

Though the investigation is still on, seven out of 15 accused were detained and produced before the Juvenile Justice Board that has remanded them in custody of the Dongri Children’s Home.

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