Top 9 Indian Actresses Caught in Prostitution

We all look upon actresses for their lavish lifestyle, designer clothes, sexy figures and what not. But being an actress is not that easy. During their struggle period, they have to make dirty compromises to grab a big role in movies and even when they make a name for themselves in the industry, they have to go through many challenges. When their career takes a back seat, they do indecent things to survive. There have been many actresses in our Hindi film industry who have opted for prostitution in order to survive. Here, take a look at the actresses who were caught in prostitution scandals.

1. Shweta Prasad Basu

The famous child actor of Bollywood, Shweta Prasad Basu opted for prostitution in order to survive. Back in 2014, actress she was arrested in Hyderabad for her alleged involvement in a prostitution racket. She denied of all the accusations and later, session courts of Hyderabad withdrew all prostitution charges against her.

2. Sherlyn Chopra

The super hot ‘Kamasutra’ actress made headlines when she opened up about her involvement in a sex racket for the sake of money. During an interview, she said that it was only out of compulsion that she got herself into it.

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3. Mishti Mukherjee

‘Life Ki To Lag Gayi’ actress, Mishto Mukherjee was caught for running a sex racket. She herself was also involved in flesh trade. When police raided her Lokhandwala apartment, her father and borther were arrested for selling pornographic material. Police seized 25,000 porn CD’s worth Rs 2 lakh from her flat. She denied of all the charges and claimed to be innocent by saying, “When we returned from Goa on January 2, we found that our belongings were scattered all over the house. When I checked the locker, jewelry and cash worth Rs 1 lakh were missing. The CCTV footage was blank and the cameras hadn’t recorded anything. I questioned the four servants about all this, but they denied any role in the incident.”

4. Yamuna

Yamuna is a well-known actress in Kannada film industry who was charged for indulging in the illegal act. She was arrested in 2011 for prostitution in ITC Royal Gardenia hotel in Bangalore.

5. Bhuvaneswari

Bhuvaneswari is an established name in south cinema who got her name on this list. The famous Tollywood actress was arrested many years ago for her involved in a sex racket in Chennai. Later, she was acquitted of all charges.

6. Saira Banu

The Telugu film actress was caught red handed with some customers in 2010. She was arrested with seven other women when police raided Spring Heaven Apartments in Begumpet in Hyderabad.

7. Aish Ansari

Tamil actress, Aish Ansari is another actress who was arrested from Jaipur in 2011 for her involvement in prostitution racket. The actress is believed to have offered her illegal services to many high profile men across the country.

8. Neetu Agaarwal

The Telugu actress was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police for her involvement in smuggling of red sanders. Her boyfriend Mastan Vali was also a red sanders smuggler. During the investigation, she claimed that she had no idea that her money was being used for smuggling and Mastan Vali forced her to finance his business.

9. Divya Sri

The small time Telugu actress was arrested for her involvement in a sex racket. She was caught red handed indulging in prostitution. She was arrested with some other models and actresses. According to police, some businessmen and big players were involved in this racket.

10. Caroline Mariya Asan

The Tamil actress was arrested in 2012 for being involved in a prostitution racket. The police raided a five star hotel where she was caught red-handed in the illegal act.

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