You Can Now Book An Uber Cab From WhatsApp: All Details

Ride-hailing company Uber will soon allow users in India to book a cab via WhatsApp. The company announced that starting this week, it is rolling out a new service that will give users the option to book an Uber ride via an Uber WhatsApp chatbot. Uber has been operating in India since the past eight years and is available in 70 cities. With Indians soon getting the ability to book themselves a cab without even opening the app, let us take a look at how you can do it.

“Riders will no longer need to download or use the Uber app. Everything from user registration, booking a ride, and getting a trip receipt will be managed within the WhatsApp chat interface,” Uber said. However, in this article we will only look at how to book an Uber for yourself using WhatsApp. Let us take a look:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Send a “Hi” message to the number +91 792000002
  3. The chatbot will ask you to provide pickup and drop-off locations
  4. You will receive upfront fare information and the driver’s expected time of arrival.

Uber, in its blog post announcing the development, said that riders will get the same safety features and insurance protections as those who book a trip via the Uber app directly.

The company said that it will initially launch the feature in Lucknow, with New Delhi being the next place where users will be able to book cabs from WhatsApp. The company will roll out the feature pan-India by next year.

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